Gym Etiquette

a few general tips

Just like most places, the gym has a certain set of rules.

More often than not these rules aren’t stuck onto the wall with the heading “gym etiquette”. It is expected of you to leave certain habits at home, and bring along your good manners. Here are a few general tips on how to make your gym experience pleasant for yourself and everyone else around you:

Wipe it down

Always bring your towel to wipe down the equipment after you have used it. Sitting in someone else’s sweat is never a pleasant experience. Having a towel will ensure that you always have a dry surface for your workout as well as keeping it dry for the person after you.

No calling ‘dibs’

Leaving your towel or water bottle near or on equipment is a no-no! Allow others to use the equipment while you are busy with something else. It is a communal area after all. Sharing is caring.

Patience is key

When waiting for equipment, do not hover over the person using it. Simply wait until the person moves on to something else. Be patient.

Pack it away

If you used weights, ensure that you pack them back onto the rack. Leaving equipment lying around on the floor could be a hazard for others and makes it difficult for others to find the right equipment when they want to use it.

Music Volume

Blasting your music at max volume is not OK; well for you it is, but not for the person next to you. Respect the people around you and turn down the music.

Be on time

If you are doing a fitness class, always ensure that you are a few minutes early. This will guarantee you find a spot without disrupting others who have already started with the class.

Dress code

The gym isn’t the runway. Wearing the correct support and also ensuring that you have enough clothing on in the gym can actually help you optimise your workout.

Stick to your day job

If you aren’t a qualified personal trainer, then keep the advice to yourself. Do not offer your advice without permission. If someone asks for advice, give it to them only if you’re 100% sure, otherwise refer them to the actual personal trainer.