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5 Ways A Personal Trainer Can Help You

Personal Trainers:

At Zone Fitness, we have a number of personal trainers on hand to help you reach your get-fit goals. Just chat to your club consultant next time you’re in to check availability. Please note that their sessions are extra and not added onto the monthly membership fee.

Here’s why they can help you reach your goals:

They can teach you new things

Qualified personal trainers are professionals who understand the way the body works and the exercises that deliver maximum effectiveness.

You’re not alone

Training on your own is difficult, but a personal trainer is on hand to set you specific fitness goals. Plus, having someone watching you is added motivation to go one step further.  

They push you harder

When you’re training alone, it’s tempting to drop your output when the heat is on. But this is often the crucial time when you should be pushing yourself further, and trainers know how to set that line.

They focus on quality time

Time spent in the gym should be quality time, because your time is precious. Most personal trainer will focus on quick-fire exercises that produce maximum results, giving you a 45-minute workout that’s just as effective as a gruelling 90-minute slog.

They tell you what to eat

As we’ve examined in another story this month, there are a lot of diets out there, but do they really work? A personal trainer has learnt from past mistakes, knows what to eat – and when and can personalise this for you as they know your body.

author: Zone Fitness