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Apps that Monitor your Mood and Exercise Regime

Keeping track of your exercise routine nowadays is all done with the touch of a button so you have one less thing to keep in your mind. Not only do these amazing apps keep track of your routine for you, but they can offer you advice and even track your mood to see how you should tailor your fitness routine just for you! Because let’s be honest, a routine that works for your friend may be completely wrong for you. We’ve compiled a list below of our favourite apps below to keep you company.

Habit List has a sleek, simple design that’s easy to look at. This app allows users to set themselves tasks for certain days that they’d like to accomplish, with the goal of creating a habit. It allows you to form ‘streaks’, ultimately motivating you to keep a good streak up and avoid breaking the chain. It also encourages you to break those bad habits you despise yourself for having but just can’t seem to stop (midnight snacking, anyone?) The app allows you to set tasks for the current day and will only show you what you need to get done that day, in order of priority, enabling you to work through your goals at a reasonable pace. Once you’ve been using the app for a while, you can view your trends, so you can see where you can make slight improvements.

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Moody Me lets you track your moods and the reasons for those moods. If you see something that makes you happy – snap a picture of it and watch a slideshow of all your happy snaps at a later stage when you’re not having such a good day. If something makes you sad, make a log of it to better understand your moods. You can keep a record of your symptoms (such a stressful situations, work, family, exercise, anxiety) to see how your mood is affected by each.

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Mood Log enables you to track your moods and the factors affecting it in a simple, clean way. Keep a log of any headaches, cramps, depression, panic attacks and others. The app also allows you to log all information regarding your medication you have taken and frequency of it. Your monthly statistics will allow you to see your past events and how they affected you and add any upcoming events to look forward to. The app is easy to use and gives you clear feedback regarding your moods!  

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Way Of Life is a quick way to keep track of your life, in only a minute! As you add more information to the app to monitor, you’ll be able to spot both the positive and negative trends in your life, so you can see what you need to change. These can include getting enough exercise, meditating more or eating healthier food. You can set reminders for yourself, daily or otherwise and choose your alert type. The app is easy to use and has the option of backing up your information on Dropbox, so you never lose your vital information!

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author: Zone Fitness