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The Best New Year’s Resolution Apps to Help you Achieve your Goals

The New Year is an exciting time to restart or better your life. Many of us set goals we would like to achieve in the form of New Year’s resolutions. The problem is that as the year passes, we often find ourselves not achieving any of the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.

To help you on your quest to be the new and improved you during 2019, we’ve put together a list of New Year’s Resolution apps to help you achieve your goals.

Transform your steps into visual pictures

In 2019, we’re letting go of traditional step trackers and going for a more fun approach to counting our steps. Movesum puts your steps into context by visually translating your steps into real world food and drink.

The app was developed with a nutritionist and used the typical burn rates of thousands of users of Movesum’s sister app, Lifesum, to give you the most accurate information.

Download the app here, set your daily step goal and get moving!

Join 5 million runners on an epic adventure

Zombies, Run! will have you running for your life. This ultra-immersive running game is an audio adventure where every run becomes a mission to save yourself from Zombies.

The best part of this app, is that the mix of heart-pumping audio drama integrates with your own playlist while you collect supplies to grow your base back home.

If you’re ready to turn exercise into a fun game, get the app here.

Count calories, get fit and lose weight

Voted as one of the “best of 2017” apps by the Apple App Store, YAZIO will help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

This calorie counter app allows you to manage your daily food diary, track your activities and lose weight successfully. Their calorie table with over 2 million food and built-in barcode scanner will make it incredibly easy to keep track of what you eat. The app also tracks your sports, exercises and activities and assesses your diet and achievements.

Get one step closer to a rockin’ hot body in 2019 with YAZIO. Download the app here.

Take a digital chill pill

Simple Habit is an app that has been on both Apple and Business Insider’s recommended app lists, and with good reason. Focusing on helping people with busy schedules meditate, the app helps you to chill out for just 5-minutes a day.

Reduce your stress, improve your focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier and integrate more healthy habits in 2019.

Ready to better your life in only 5-minutes? Get the app here.

With these apps on hand, you’re sure to keep to your health and fitness New Year’s Resolutions in 2019!

author: Zone Fitness