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Training under the new normal at Zone Fitness Clubs

Zone Fitness Clubs are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our members and have been working around the clock to ensure all health and safety measures are in place for our members when they come to the gym. Since we opened, health inspectors visited our gyms on numerous occasions and each time we passed with flying colors.

We have a very simple “No Mask – No Access” for all our members and staff. Our training areas are monitored by safety officers and staff to ensure that all members comply with this regulation. As per the government regulations, members are able to remove their masks while doing vigorous exercise. At our gyms members may remove their face masks while performing vigorous exercises in all training areas providing they maintain a 2m distance from others. You must replace your mask during recovery and while moving between equipment. 

Zone Fitness Clubs maintains the 50% capacity regulation and sanitizer stations are available throughout the club and equipment is to be sanitized before and after use. The 2m social distancing is being enforced with equipment placed out of order to allow a safe space for members to exercise inside the club. In the studio, members have their dedicated space marked on the floor to enjoy the class and in the changerooms lockers have been moved or locked to also ensure social distancing is maintained. 

Most South Africans adapted to the new normal and are establishing new routines. The one thing that COVID-19 made us aware of is the importance of a strong immune system and to take care of oneself. Zone Fitness Clubs are extremely proud to be a part of this journey as exercise has been proven to boost your immune system and play a vital role in your healthy lifestyle. 

Don’t delay, start your training today! 

author: Zone Fitness