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4 Hacks to Get Your Fitness Levels Back on Track After a Break

Here is how to get back into the fitness game and feel better than ever!

If you’re stressing about how to get your fitness levels back now that we are down to Lockdown Level 1, we get it. After a break, it can seem like you’re starting from square one, but don’t sweat it. Here are four hacks on how to get your fitness levels up fast, even after a long break. 

How to Get Your Fitness Levels Up Fast After a Break 

#1 Consistency is Key 

While exercise may seem daunting after a break, especially if you are feeling discouraged, consistency is absolutely key to get your fitness levels up fast. Just get started, don’t worry about your workout being perfect, and don’t get overly stressed if you don’t feel as fit as you did before your break. Just pick one workout and start. Once you get the ball rolling, it will be much easier to keep pushing forward. After a few workouts, you should start to feel like you’re getting back into a groove. 

#2 Do our RAW HIIT classes a Few Times Per Week 

HIIT, aka high-intensity interval training, is an amazing way to get back into the fitness game and increase your fitness levels fast. Not only do HIIT workouts only require 30 minutes of your time (yes, please), but they are also an ideal way to boost cardio fitness levels. 

HIIT workouts have been shown to not only boost fitness levels, but also support cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity (important for blood sugar balance), and even cholesterol levels. So, basically, what we’re saying is that HIIT may be a game changer for you now as you’re getting back into your fitness routine, and even after you get those fitness levels back up.

You can find tons of RAW HIIT classes for every fitness level at our clubs, have a look at our timetables and book your class. 

#3 Variety is Important Too 

While we love us some HIIT, variety is important too. When you’re trying to get your fitness levels up fast, try doing a few days of HIIT per week with a day or two of running to boost endurance, and don’t forget about strength training. Strength training a couple of times per week isn’t going to make you bulky, instead, it will help you maintain a healthy weight, and keep your muscles strong and healthy. 

Oh, and don’t forget about active recovery. Try to stretch after every single workout. This is key for flexibility, and reducing the risk of injury, so get a good active recovery day in each week. 

Variety truly is the spice of life, even when it comes to your fitness routine. 

#4 Push Yourself 

When you are easing back into exercise, don’t forget to challenge yourself. While you always want to listen to your body and stop when your body is telling you to, you also don’t want to go so easy that you’re not doing anything from bringing those fitness levels back up. 

A great way to challenge yourself is to do total body workouts that require you to use every muscle in your body. Things like RAW HIIT classes and circuits where you do a little cardio mixed in with a little strength training are going to be ideal. You’ll really be able to work up a good burn, which means you’ll be bringing your fitness levels up fast! 

Ease Back Into The Fitness Game & Feel Better Than Ever 

Just because you took a little break from your fitness goals doesn’t mean you can’t pick it back up where you started! Sure it may take some modifying, but with some consistency and using these four hacks to get your fitness levels up fast, you’ll be back into the fitness game feeling your best in no time. 

author: Zone Fitness