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Goals: Let’s get honest

Your goals shouldn’t make you miserable.
They should be an exciting challenge (would you even feel like you accomplished something if all of your goals were easy?) but they shouldn’t make you miserable.
It’s an easy trap to fall into though, who doesn’t want to get to the end quicker?
So if you’re stuck there now, what’s next?
1. Zoom out. Is that “more suffering = better” game you’re playing actually reflected in your reality?
Sure you can starve yourself thinking you’ll lose weight faster, but if that leads to binge eating every weekend, your extra suffering is just suffering. It isn’t changing your goal timeline and is only serving to make life harder.
2. Stop and assess. Are there elements of daily life that make you happy? If not, are you hanging all of your potential happiness on meeting your goal? If you’re putting all of yourself into a goal and making yourself miserable in the process, what do you think will happen when the goal is met? You will be entirely out of practice at recognizing and experiencing the good parts of life, and instead you’ll be left feeling like you have two modes. One: make life miserable chasing a goal and two: feel nothing at all without the misery. Yikes. Get your mind into the present and learn how to experience the good stuff again.
3. Reflect. Who are you outside of your goals? Who do you hope to be? Are you giving your time, energy, and sacrificing happiness for a goal that fits the person you hope to be? Or are you like so many of us, chasing appearance or relationship or career goals because they’ve just sort of been implanted in your brain. Is this what you want? And if not, what is?
Feeling like you are working towards something is great. It’s empowering, it keeps life interesting, keeps you passionate. But this takes some honesty. Are you living the kind of life you want to live?
And if not, what’s stopping you?

author: Zone Fitness